Interior design Vietnam is rich and diverse with its cultural characteristics. Applying traditional elements combined with modern style creates an impressive space. In particular, office interior design also brings many other unique combinations. Harmonizing brand identity with traditional Vietnamese decorative arts creates an exciting workplace. In this article, Vacons will share the cultural influences and characteristics of office interior design in Vietnam.

Cultural influence on interior design Vietnam in office

Traditional Vietnamese architecture and design elements

Traditional Vietnamese architectural elements include wooden doors, pillars, ceiling, and wall connection motifs, etc. Combined with natural materials such as stone, bamboo, wood, fabric, etc. to create a nostalgic feeling. In addition, to represent interior design Vietnam, special motifs that represent culture are also used. Including national flowers – lotus, dragon, phoenix, etc. to decorate the wall or ceiling to create a highlight. Combining traditional elements creates an interesting working space, reflecting traditional Vietnamese culture.

interior design vietnam
Lotus motifs are typical in interior architecture

The influence of geomancy principles

As an Asian country, where the five elements of geomancy are strongly influenced. They believe that the circulation of energy according to geomancy principles will bring positivity and prosperity. Light and air circulation are two important geomancy elements. Interior design often arranges doors and windows so that air circulates well and makes the most of sunlight.

interior design vietnam
The five elements of geomancy are strongly influenced office design

Besides, the five elements theory is often applied in office colors. The colors in the office corresponding to the five elements are metal – white, wood – green, water – blue, fire – red, and earth – brown. Based on the destiny of the business owner, choose colors according to the five elements. The location and direction of furniture placement are also geomancy factors that need attention. The best direction for your desk is in front of a well-ventilated area with a beautiful view. This creates positive energy and comfort when working for employees.

The influence of religion on interior design

Depending on the investor’s requirements and wishes, some religious and belief elements are included in the design. Often religious motifs are cleverly added to motifs or decorations. Including paintings, statues, ornamental plants, etc.

Featured interior design Vietnam in office

Using traditional natural materials in interior design Vietnam

Traditional materials are often used flexibly in office interior design Vietnam. The most prominent are wood, bamboo, marble, ceramics, etc. These natural materials are used in office furniture. In addition, it can also appear in decorative items and motifs. Create a traditional identity for pure Vietnamese companies, or a unique impression when combined with modernity.

interior design vietnam
Wood is a commonly used material in design

Combine natural elements to create a harmonious environment

Natural elements such as trees, lawns, and terraced fields are delicately expressed in the design. You can arrange a resting area with grass and trees to create fresh air. In addition, adding potted plants on the desk also creates too. Brings a spirit of relaxation and a happy mood to work. In addition, for businesses operating in the creative field, walls can be decorated with natural art motifs. Create a space that inspires the creation of exceptional ideas.

Use motifs and cultural symbols in office design

Vietnam possesses diverse and unique cultural motifs and symbols throughout its history. Therefore, depending on each business line and preference, motifs are integrated into the office design. Among them are lotus flowers, bronze drums, brocade, rice flowers, peanut birds, etc. Creating a special office design, and making a strong visual impression.

interior design vietnam
Bronze drum motifs are included in the decoration of glass partitions

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The meaning of colors in Vietnamese culture

In Vietnamese culture, colors not only symbolize the five elements, but they also have different meanings. Harmonious and balanced color combinations create an interesting working space. For example, yellow in design symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and development. Meanwhile, red is considered the color of luck, blue represents peace, harmony, and preciousness.

Display cultural and artistic artifacts to create a highlight

Besides the awards and achievements of the business, fine art products can be placed interspersed as decoration. Because traditional decorative items have unique shapes such as ceramic vases, statues, miniature architectural products, etc. In addition, empty walls in the office can be filled with works of art related to landscapes, ao dai, conical hats,…

interior design vietnam
Miniature of a girl in Ao Dai

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Office interior design Vietnam is a reflection of the country’s unique culture and art. Creating a purely Vietnamese office or combining modern and traditional has its highlights. Understanding and grasping Vietnamese elements will bring the workplace from the past to the future. If you are considering office design, traditional Vietnamese elements are a useful choice. Contact Vacons if you need more detailed advice on office interior design. Our hotline is always ready to answer your questions.

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