Vacons Design And Build Frasers Office. Vacons draws inspiration from the form and allure of the Red Diamond, a symbol derived from Frasers Property’s brand identity and Vietnamese culture, aiming to craft a design that embodies both luxury and modernity. This design ethos seeks to showcase a global standard of sophistication, establishing the most prestigious office environment in the market.

Fraser Property aspires to have VIP spaces that exude sophistication and refinement, where every detail, such as marble and metal elements, is delicately utilized. The combination of warm lighting creates an inviting and luxurious space, fostering collaboration with top-tier partners. Vacons has introduced a distinctive solution by creating a dynamic, youthful, and captivating workspace, evident in every design detail and the incorporation of the brand’s colors to fashion a standout and distinctive office.

Our focus lies on illumination – both artificial lighting systems and natural light, complemented by striking green spaces, to curate a perfect environment for a company committed to sustainability.