Vacons is a leading company in the field of architectural design and office construction consulting in Vietnam. The company was established in 2012, with a team of experienced experts, architects, and engineers in the field of architectural design.

Vacons has carried out many unique and impressive architectural design projects in Vietnam and internationally, including commercial, residential, hotels, resorts, villas, urban areas, and public works. The company always aims to provide optimal design solutions for customers, ensuring both aesthetic and practicality and economic efficiency.

Vacons not only designs architecture but also provides construction consulting services, project management, and construction supervision, ensuring that projects are implemented safely, on schedule, and achieve the highest quality. The company also always applies the most advanced technology and international standards to meet the demanding needs of customers.

With its vision and commitment, Vacons is becoming one of the leading office design companies in Vietnam and is highly appreciated by customers for the quality of its products and services

Hotline: (+84) 917 886 188