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About Me

Viet An Architecture and Construction Limited Company (Vacons) was founded since 2012. Over the years, Vacons has built up a rich tradition and full of innovation of not only designs but also construction methods to be used during the execution of a construction project in order to bring the best experience to our valued clients. Vacons proudly becomes one of very few contractors that completed many outstanding projects met the international standards such as Baxter office, Sony office, Schenker office, GIZ, Super Wind Energy, Kolao Holding Chairman Office, Publicis, etc.

Vacons is equipped with the knowledge of criteria and technical requirements for performing design and construction work such as Fire Protection, M&E, hygienic requirements and other safety rules that are followed strictly during our performance. With the motto: “Client satisfaction is the measure of our success”, Vacons always learns the essential needs of clients, listens and understands them to offer the most optimal solution to maximize their satisfaction.

Through all levels of our company, our culture is energetic, dynamic and creative enough to offer modern and unique designs to clients and accompany their success at every step.

Workplace strategy | Workplace consultancy

We gain a deep understanding of your company, its people and how they work in order to create a workplace strategy unique to your business.

Office design | Space planning

We translate your business goal, brand, culture and core values into inspirational ideas and dynamic, creative space that boost productivity.

Office fit-out | Office interior decoration | Furniture supply | Post construction support

We deliver your entire project, whatever its size, from start to finish, on time and on budget with our perfect delivery promise.

We always take appropriate measures to protect our customers’ existing assets.

We always offer solutions to help customers make the most of old furniture to save costs. In the case using new, we also have the purchasing service for old furniture with reasonable prices

0917 886 188